Rujulee Mahajan-Doshi
Shrot story

Borned and brought up in a town in Maharashtra, Rujulee developed interests with colors and pencil and started glimpses of her skills very early in the childhood. Lucky to have got chance to choose career of her own interest, Rujulee was also determined to pursue art as a profession. She graduated as Bachlor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) from Govt. Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur in 2006; followed by internship and external courses in the area of Commercial Arts & Photography. Rujulee worked as a Graphic Designer for 3.5 years in advertising agencies (print media) in Pune. Since then she has been working as an independent freelancer and actively does projects/assignments on Her expertise include designing Logos, banners, hoarding, flyers, danglers, visiting cards, and office stationeries. Rujulee also designs and develops websites and banner ads for electronic media.

A little long but an interesting story as narrated by her mother

It was a period when Rujulee was studying in 10th std. On one Sunday morning Rujulee was looking at a picture of the procession of a Rajasthani king with horses, elephants and many people in the procession. The picture was hung on a wall in the drawing hall.

It was actually her study time. But she was sitting there drawing the picture in her note book, instead. When I looked at he notebook I was surprised to notice the wonderful drawing. The original picture was a bit complicated for small school girl. The amount of details Rujulee had managed to capture in her drawing was unbelievable. It was then when a thought entered in my mind that with an appropriate guidance and training Rujulee has a potential to grow up as a Great Artist.

For next few years, apart from schools and studies, we made an extra effort to support and encourage Rujulee to enhance her skills for drawings and paintings. We slowly started making our mind to choose Fine Arts as a career option for Rujulee. Coming from a small town where engineering, medicine and commerce were the only career options suggested, this decision was sort of unconventional. Many people, including Rujulee's teachers at school tried to convince her to rather choose science or commerce streams for studies. But, Rujulee had made up her mind.

After doing a little research we realized that Rujulee could go for Bachlor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.). We enquired details about the course and admission processes. We learnt that completing Elementary and Intermediate Grade exams in drawing were the prerequisites for getting admission for B.F.A. Rujulee started her practice for getting through Elementary and Intermediate exams. Her teachers were forcing her for regular studies instead of drawing. But she was firm on her decision and she had determined to pass these exams with best grade. And at last her efforts turned fruitful. She got best grade in Elementary and Intermediate exams. Eventually she got admission in 'Govt. Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur'. During this course Rujulee opted for Commercial Artist & specialization in Photography. After completing B.F.A, in 2006 Rujulee went to Pune for getting more knowledge and to evaluate career options. She did various courses in the area of Commercial Arts & Photography. Immediately after that she got a job in one of ad agencies at Pune. Rujulee got married on 21st Dec. 2010 and she went to Hyderabad with her handsome husband Sachin. Sachin is still insisting her to do something in upgrading the knowledge but due language problem (Telugu). Now she is doing online work at Pune.

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